Can Motobrain provide PWM dimming of individual circuits?

Yes, you can setup a circuit to deliver any particular duty cycle you require or have it setup to deliver an arbitrary duty cycle based on user input via the mobile user interface OR a switch or rheostat connected to an input.

Can Motobrain drive an HID lamp?

Yes. The inrush current of a typical HID lamp is well within the max current rating of a Motobrain output.

Can Multiple Motobrains be used at the same time?

The mobile software allows you to select and name individual Motobrains in your system so that you can connect to them with ease.

What is the standby current draw of Motobrain? Can I leave it connected to an unattended battery?

The Motobrain draws about 25mA for 24 hours after its on switch is switched off. This is to allow you to continue to operate it from your mobile device. After 24 hours, it will shut down completely and draw basically zero current.

What types of mobile devices work with Motobrain?

Motobrain supports Android Kit Kat devices with BT4 hardware and iOS devices with iOS 7 or higher and BT4 hardware (iPhone 4s vintage and later). Check the App Install Page for links to the app stores which can tell you if your specific registered hardware devices are compatible.

Can outputs of a Motobrain be linked together to increase output current?

Motobrain outputs can be linked together. I do not suggest linking more than 2 outputs at a time. They should be turned on with an input so that the outputs status stay in sync. Watch this video.