We use cutting edge technology to aid in the design and manufacture of Motobrain. We start with first principals and draw our schematics the old fashioned way.


We then route our printed circuit boards (PCBs) using modern CAD applications that aid in our designs, reducing errors.


Our PCBs are then manufactured in Japan using premium ingredients resulting in some of the finest PCBs we could source. We spared no expense here because the problem of moving 100A through a printed circuit board is not trivial and after sourcing PCBs from literally ALL OVER THE WORLD, our Japanese vendor was the only one who was able to consistently produce PCBs that met our stringent demands with high reliability.


Our parts are rigorously vetted and tested before we add them to our final bill of materials (BOM). Once added to the BOM, we do not replace parts without extensive testing to confirm compatibility.

We perform exhaustive testing on our prototypes to ensure the product works as intended.



raw transients


We have a veritable graveyard of Motobrain prototypes that were casualties of our harsh testing process.


To achieve the final form factor for Motobrain, we continued to apply the latest technologies available. We began with 3D modeling tools to design the shape of Motobrain to be able to withstand difficult tasks it was designed to do.

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Then, we used the most advanced 3D printing tools to confirm our designs before actually building them. This type of design and manufacturing was not possible even a few years ago. It is truly remarkable what can be done with modest budgets today.


Our PCB assembly is done in the USA. The contract manufacturer is approved to manufacture parts for Gulfstream, General Dynamics, L-3, NOAH, NASA, SAIC, Embraer, GE Railways, Central Railways, Taser, and Parker Hannifin among many other world class companies. Their quality is second to none.


Once we have assembled printed circuit boards destined for customers, they are tested to confirm they work. We do this with a custom designed and built automated testing fixture. This allows us to track a unit from the factory all the way to you. This ensures the highest level of reliability.

Finally, we put the tested electronics into a mold and a Motobrain is born.



We are excited to share all our hard work with you!