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The PDU’s wiring harness consists of:

  • 8 output wires
  • 8 input wires
  • Main power wire
  • System ground wire
  • Relay wire

Output wires – This is the business end of the PDU.  Connect output wires as you wish to power your 12V accessories. Each output can handle 15A max, with a total capacity of 100A across all 8 channels.  The PDU output wires deliver +12V to your accessories so you’ll need to provide for a ground path for each circuit as appropriate. The size of the wire you select for each output should be based on the expected current draw of that output. You will tell Motobrain how much current to allow before the over-current protection circuitry shuts the output off. A fuse must be placed in series with the wire to create a fail safe system though. The size the fuse selected can be larger than you might select without Motobrain because we are relying on Motobrain to turn off the output for us. The size of the fuse must be smaller the than the current necessary to cause a fire though. This fuse is only expected to blow in case of a failure to properly configure Motobrain or total Motobrain failure.

Input wires – The input wires can be used as a way to control your PDU without your phone/tablet.  An input wire can deliver a signal to the PDU and execute a command of your design.  The commands are up to you and can be configured in the Motobrain app setup.  The Motobrain can sense any arbitrary voltage between 0 and 20V. You can use a set predefined “digital input functions” or use the analog inputs to define the arbitrary voltages to trigger switch events. You can even link a voltage range to an out put duty cycle whcih might allow voltage defined dimming.  One example is using a rocker switch to turn on aux lights.  Supply one side of the switch with +12V (or GND) and hook the other side to the PDU’s input wire.  Easy!

Main power wire – The main power wire is designed to be connected to the +12V side of your vehicle’s battery.  

System ground wire – This wire provides a ground for the operation of the PDU’s electronics.  Connect this wire to the negative side of the battery or another good grounding point. A 500mA fuse should be placed in series with this wire to protect Motobrain from an internal short circuit.

Relay wire – The relay wire tells the PDU when to turn on.  So you can feed this wire switched power from your ignition switch and when you turn your vehicle on, the PDU will turn on as well.

Here’s a quick look at how you could install your PDU, in graphical format: