What it takes to build a Motobrain

October 1, 2015 in 8 Channel PDU by Joshua Oster-Morris

Building just the smart half of Motobrain, what I call the “brain board”, requires 220 surface mounted components (40 different types) with 900 individual solder joints. I will manually place all the parts on the PCB and then “reflow solder” them to the PCB. It is an arduous task to be sure. Conveniently, I believe the next one I build next will be the last one I have to build. If this new PCB works as expected, I expect the rest to be manufactured by robots. Let’s hope it works out! The one below had a PCB manufacturing error which required me to install a “bodge wire”. Can you find it?


In the photo below you can see all the parts counted and taped to two sheets of paper. There is also a built brain board (in purple), a pile of new green unassembled brain boards, and two different “power boards” and piles of their unassembled PCBs. The different power boards define the alternative product features and shape but both use the same brain board.

Motobrain Parts