New Motobrain hardware tested to 100A

September 3, 2015 in 8 Channel PDU by Joshua Oster-Morris

We have a new high current PCB manufacturer and we are doing our first burn in test with their boards. We are currently driving 100A through the Motobrain to see how their boards endure the abuse. These boards use new MOSFETs (the solid state switches) which are larger than the first version of Motobrain. The boards themselves have 20 ounce copper foil (an indication of thickness) which affords them a measured 840µΩ of impedance across the PCB. That means the at the PCB itself only consumes 840mW (milliwatts) at 100A. After an hour at 100A the PCB is locked in at 55C (ambient is 24C). Not too shabby.

These boards have a slightly different layout to the first generation version of Motobrain. Users said they would prefer if all the wires could leave in one direction. We are happy to oblige.



New Motobrain Layout



New PowerPCB


1 hour at 100A

PCB temp after 1 hour at 100A

PCB cross section

Cross section of PCB