A Mixed Bag

February 19, 2014 in 8 Channel PDU by Joshua Oster-Morris

Removing the Motobrain from the mold this morning was a mixed bag. I successfully extricated it from its prison but failed to do it without the use of a hammer, saw, and vice. At the cost of $550 for the mold I’d say this is a failure. I am going to need a better strategy for casting these things. Unfortunately, this is not my core competency so if I try to go it alone I am bound to run into more issues like this. The good news is that all my bashing didn’t appear to cause any damage. Unfortunately, this means I cannot make any more potted Motobrains until I get disposable molds made. I think the smart move is to find someone whose business this is and inquire about copying a plastic version of the mold in high temp wax or plaster. Alternately I need to find a potting box that has no bottom. I want to have a high thermally conductive surface on the bottom of this so it can be mounted on something that offers good heat dissipation.

In the photo below you can see the Motobrain. It ought to be jet black but the paint used to give the mold a smooth finish stuck to it. This means that the fancy $130 a jar mold release didn’t work. I like to blame the tool but I’m certain it was the craftsman. Notice the new screw down terminals for the signal inputs. Those are looking pretty sexy I think.

Below the Motobrain is the mold, in pieces.