New board testing

February 17, 2014 in 8 Channel PDU by Joshua Oster-Morris

The new board testing was rough this weekend. There was a bad chip or bad installation of the chip which caused the new Motobrain to not function. This was the first time I had a board fail because of this sort of issue and it took all day yesterday to sort out. On days like that, I remind myself why I started my engineering career in software. I lost a day to troubleshooting and repair which stings a bit. The good news is that it is working now, the bad chip has been found and replaced and everything looks good again. A quick perusal of all the functions shows that the new board is behaving nominally. Success!

I expect the parts for the pick and place machine I am building to arrive today, 5 days late (damn blizzard). I’ll start building it up tonight and hope to build up a couple more Motobrains with it to ship out by weeks end. I’m going to Arizona this weekend to install a unit on my G650xC (which I keep out there for desert riding).

I am also preparing for larger scale Motobrain production. I have designed and have had fabricated a programming and QA/QC jig so I can quickly program and test all the Motobrain units once I have had them manufactured (rendering below). It can test all the inputs, outputs, voltage measurements, and current measurements. It can also program both microcontrollers and the flash memory chip which contains the fall back code in case of OTA update failure. This will allow you to “unbrick” a Motobrain should I put out a bad update. Likewise, I may be convinced to write custom firmwares for certain customers and having this will allow them to return to “factory” code if they want to do something different with their Motobrains.