New boards just arrived.

February 14, 2014 in 8 Channel PDU by Joshua Oster-Morris

The new boards just arrived. They were delayed by Atlanta’s second blizzard in as many weeks. I spent 4 hours yesterday shoveling snow off my entire street so that FedEx would not have an excuse to not deliver them today. I will work on building one up tomorrow. Assuming testing goes well, I will be building up several more for immediate shipment to some prospective customers. At this point I am late on my test unit shipments. I promised one person a unit in January but my molds were delayed two weeks and then since then I decided that the inputs locations were really not acceptable to me and I did not want to send a version of Motobrain out with those awkward inputs. Now I am feeling the pressure of being behind schedule which I really don’t like.

The boards in the photo below are resting on some MDF which will become a custom made manual pick and place machine. The hand building of Motobrain is by far the worst part of the entire process and I hope this little gizmo will make it pleasant enough that I can hand make a couple dozen of these guys before I have them manufactured in bulk.