New Prototype w/ Analog Inputs Built

October 17, 2013 in 8 Channel PDU by Joshua Oster-Morris

I received the new prototype PCBs on Tuesday and built one up last night. I have not yet had a chance to play with it, but I intend to very soon. I modified the BOM for the power board and when I put in my part order last week I forgot a part that this new MCU board will require so I am currently in a holding pattern for a couple days.

With regards to the new board, there are always so many things that can go wrong with a new board design so we won’t know much until I’ve had a chance to test it. This board has some really cool features on it that make it the first version I would feel comfortable installing in a vehicle other than my own. Previous versions did not have all the safety features this version has. It is also VERY energy efficient in stand by mode.

The next step is to confirm the new features on this board function as expected. Assuming they do, I will decide if I will be dumping the digital inputs completely and using the analog inputs as digital inputs. The way I’ve designed the circuit I believe it will work well. Until I test it I will not be making efficacy claims though. The last step then is to decide if I want to continue with the “pig tail” wiring harness or change to something with no wires included. I am inclined to dispose of the wires as it makes the device much easier to ship but I will have to examine the costs and final form factor and make a decision once I have fewer variables.

Analog Motobrain