New Prototype PCB Ready For Fabrication

September 21, 2013 in 8 Channel PDU by Joshua Oster-Morris

As is normal for the iterative process that is electronics design, I have taken what I’ve learned from the last board and applied those things to a new board layout. Changes of note include updated clamping circuitry for short circuits and a new DC-DC converter. The clamping circuitry was updated to signal the microcontroller of an over current condition in the analog domain and the DC-DC converter was shrunken to more closely reflect the current needs of the circuit. The smaller DC-DC converter also made space for the additional circuitry that was required.

I will get this PCB and a solder paste stencil ordered early next week. They will arrive in about 3 weeks time. I will then build up the prototype and begin testing it as well. All told, going from CAD drawing to operating PDU costs about $400 (I reuse the power board though so I am only building half of a new PDU). That does not include the 30 hours I have spent and will spend drawing up the circuit and building the prototype. The process is slow and expensive compared to software engineering but the results are so very satisfying.