Another prototype PCB ordered

July 23, 2013 in 8 Channel PDU by Joshua Oster-Morris

I just ordered another set of prototype boards. I wanted to have a little more headroom in my current sensors. I can now measure up to 60A per circuit. This will allow me to clamp over current conditions in the analog domain which will happen quite a bit faster than in the digital domain. We will still clamp circuits in the digital domain as well but this feature will better protect the device from high capacity short circuits. The output devices can handle 1400A bursts (yes, one thousand four hundred amperes) but a high capacity short circuit could conceivably produce more current than that and then all bets are off. This change should protect us from that possible outcome. The max current per channel has not been affected by this change. I also added a flash memory chip to the board that could allow the PDU to have it’s firmware updated over the air (OTA). I have not yet committed to that functionality but this flash chip will make it possible should I choose to allow this function. OTA programming while being fantastic for upgrades also means bricking your device is possible. That is a scary proposition, so I need to consider that carefully before I proceed.

pdu rev18OP