Wiring harness update

July 19, 2013 in 8 Channel PDU by Joshua Oster-Morris

We spent some time last weekend working on the wiring harness for the PDU. We like the Anderson connector for the 12V input a lot (the red one). We feel good about the Weatherpack connectors on the outputs (the 2×2 connectors). The input connector, (the 4×1 connector) is really too big for what it does and we plan to replace it with something else. We are looking at our own bikes for ideas, there are a lot of options available. We are looking for something that is easy to get and inexpensive. Those inputs have high input impedance and will carry no current so we cannot think of a reason to use the large 20A plugs there. Likewise the 2×1 connector for the ground and “relay” inputs also carry little current and therefore can and should be shrunk a bit as well.


One of two output plugs.


The potted PDU (with the sticker) didn’t get shrink wrapped wire which made it look a messy. Ultimately, we will not be using a potting box for this project. We will have a custom mold made and pot the PDU into an puck with some nifty mechanical features.