Vacation is over, back to work!

May 13, 2013 in 8 Channel PDU by Joshua Oster-Morris

I was out of town all April, a mix of business and pleasure travel, so very little got done on this until the last two weeks. I was also able to acquire and repair a fancy 21 year old analog oscilloscope for a few hundred bucks that can run circles around my brand new several thousand dollar Agilent digital scope. With it, I was able to track down the last little problem I had with the constant current circuit and I am very pleased to report that it now works exactly as intended (I had one incorrect capacitor on the board which was slowing down the response at high duty cycles). All systems are now GO on the 8 channel Bluetooth PDU.

We are currently getting some up to date pricing on manufacturing and parts this week. This is an important part of the Kickstarter that we plan to get online ASAP. I am absolutely stoked with the gizmo we have made. It is exactly what I want on my bike and I hope all of you guys and dolls areas pleased with it as I am. The tasks left between now and the Kickstarter launch are business rather than technical related, so there be light at the end of the tunnel!