Version 1 testing completed.

December 31, 2012 in 8 Channel PDU by Joshua Oster-Morris

Hey guys. Things are looking very good for this device. I’ve done my version one testing and am moving on with version 2 now. The two boards in the video stack and form a 2.75″x2″x1″ box which will be covered in epoxy so its completely water tight and near bullet proof. I’d like to get your input on features to include in the firmware and software.

Features on my list now:

  • delayed turn on (turn on circuit so many seconds after ignition is turned on)
  • delayed turn off (turn off circuit so many seconds after ignition is turned off)
  • live current consumption by channel and overall
  • user set over current shut off (AKA software circuit breaker)
  • system voltage measurement
  • adjustable PWM dimming on all 8 channels
  • high side switching
  • 4 input signal wires that can be used to trigger changes to circuit condition (on,off,dim level, etc)
  • all features programmable via smartphone with bluetooth
  • 100A max current